We’re about to pull Excalibur from the stone: Launch soon to be initiated!

After more than one month on Open Beta, we’re now getting close to the mainnet launch of Excalibur!

First, we want to give special thanks to all the beta participants that provided valuable feedback during this period, and helped us ensure that all the lights were green for our launch.

As we approach are launch, we recently began officially sharing our first strategic partnerships with IDO platforms Thorstarter and FantomMaker, and a few more exciting ones to be publicly announced in the coming days.

And as good news never come alone, the proposal to the Terra community to make Excalibur the $UST gateway on Fantom is also almost validated: https://station.terra.money/proposal/247.

Now back to the main subject: our fairlaunch initial liquidity event, that is now just a few hours away. Make sure to read till the end to find out how you can participate and win prizes at the same time!


Public sale start: Saturday 5th @ 4pm UTC
Public sale end: Wednesday 9th @ 0am UTC
Trading start: Wednesday 9th @ 3pm UTC
Farming rewards: Friday 11th @ 3pm UTC
First dividends distribution: Saturday 12th @ 3am UTC


Place: https://app.excalibur.exchange/fairlaunch
Whitelist: none
Hardcap: none
Max allocation per address: 560 FTM*
Price: discovery, based on total raised
*excluding partnering launchpad enhanced allocations


Our initial liquidity event will be open for 3 days to everyone without any restriction.

One of the specificities of our fairlaunch model is that it goes through a public sale with no fixed selling price for EXC nor any hardcap. No private sale will take place, and there will be no private distribution for the team either. All funds raised will exclusively be for the Excalibur ecosystem.

1,000,000 of EXC will be pre-minted prior to the sale, and no matter the amount of money raised during the event, every single one of those EXC will be distributed to the investors. In other words, that means the EXC final price will be price-discovered, based on the total raised during the sale.

A few hours after the public sale, Wednesday 9th @ 3pm UTC, every participant will be able to claim unlocked EXC-FTM LP tokens, equivalent in value to their investment.

EXC price will be calculated as follows: (50% of total raised / 1,000,000).


  • 50% of the collected amount will be paired with the 1,000,000 pre-minted EXC in order to form the distributed EXC-FTM LP tokens
  • Every referrer will receive 3% of his referred participants contribution in WFTM (not FTM!) directly on his wallet
  • The remaining 50% raised FTM will be directly sent to the $GRAIL dividends contract, and will start being distributed 12 hours after the farming begins for early $GRAIL holders


Every user will have access to a publicly shareable referral link, giving him the opportunity to get 3% of all of the referred investments made through it.

This 3% commission will be directly sent in WFTM (not FTM!) to your wallet as soon as the referred contribution is made.

Note: this will in no way impact the referred users contribution, who will receive the exact same amount of LP tokens at the end of the sale, whether they have invested through a referral link or not.

In addition to that, we’re going to run a special referral campaign event. Everyday during the public sale, we’ll make a lucky draw of one user among all the referrers and give him a $500 prize!
More details about it will be released during the next 24h, so stay alert!

Social Media links

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us through one of our social media links:
(Official Telegram or Discord preferred)

Website: https://excalibur.exchange
App: https://app.excalibur.exchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExcaliburDefi
Discord: https://discord.gg/2rWjcZr3Kf
Main Telegram: https://t.me/excaliburexchange
Announcement Telegram: https://t.me/excaliburexchangeann




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