Emissions & allocations — update #1

Following our previous post, we’ll soon activate some changes regarding emissions. Those will take effect on April 8th @ 0am UTC.

Emission rate

The general emission rate (EXC+GRAIL/s) will decrease by 2%, going from 0.9/s to 0.882/s.

GRAIL/EXC emissions

This will result in an adjustment to the GRAIL and EXC shares:

  • GRAIL emissions will represent 62.7% of the total emission (currently 64%)
  • EXC emissions will represent 37.3% of the total emission (currently 36%)

Farms allocations

Finally, we’re using this opportunity to further improve the general farms allocations through minor changes, as follows:




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Camelot is an innovative and highly flexible DEX built to support the Arbitrum ecosystem. Community driven and capital efficient.