Camelot welcomes JustBet to the Round Table

JustBet is a decentralized and provably fair on-chain casino built using the revolutionary WINR Protocol, native to Arbitrum. Games are implemented on transparent and immutable smart contracts, and Supra Oracles generate randomness in the games. This ensures that payouts are tamper-proof and the casino experience is fast-paced and realistic.

JustBet’s , and we’re excited to announce that the public sale for $WINR will be hosted on Camelot’s fair launch platform. Following the sale, the $WINR token will first and exclusively list on Camelot.

With their public beta now live, JustBet’s public sale will be held on Camelot in the second half of February. Stay tuned for final date confirmations.

A long-term partnership to support innovation on Arbitrum

Camelot is a custom-built protocol that aims to become the native Arbitrum DEX. By building multiple novel features from the ground up, Camelot enables higher capital efficiency and attempts to bring the real-yield approach to a DEX.

By welcoming JustBet to the Round Table, we are committed to supporting the launch of the $WINR token with our custom-built fair-launch model. Last month, we launched $GRAIL through a fair-launch public sale, and we’re excited to offer this as a feature for other Arbitrum native builders.

Following the public sale, the $WINR token will be traded on Camelot. We are committed to ensuring deep and long-term liquidity for $WINR through our novel features and sustainable GRAIL incentives. Using our fair-launch model, JustBet will provide their community an equal opportunity to participate, and we’re excited for their future growth on Arbitrum. The $WINR token plays an important role in the mechanics of the JustBet platform, and we’re proud to support the team.

JustBet is an innovative protocol that builds a truly decentralized on-chain casino with innovative escrowed tokenomics. It is a privilege to support them on Arbitrum by welcoming them to the Round Table.

The Round Table comprises the key Arbitrum builders, and we are excited that this partnership will further align the ecosystem with collaborating, innovating, and building.


JustBet is a decentralized and fair on-chain casino built using the WINR Protocol on the Arbitrum blockchain. The games are built on transparent and immutable smart contracts, and SupraOracles generate the randomness in the games. This ensures that payouts are tamper-proof and the casino experience is fast-paced and realistic.

When you place a bet on JustBet, you will receive a cashback reward in vWINR tokens, which can be exchanged for $WINR tokens. To convert vWINR into $WINR, you must lock your tokens. During the lock period, you will receive a portion of every bet wagered through JustBet smart contracts.

Additionally, the bankroll is a liquidity pool similar to DeFi AMMs, where users can provide liquidity in exchange for a yield generated by gamblers’ losses.

JustBet combines innovative tokenomics with smooth gameplay, offering users several features and entertaining game modes. Most importantly, JustBet has partnered with SupraOracles to address the challenge of providing transparent and secure randomness. The Sequencer service of SupraOracles allows JustBet to simulate a real-time game experience while maintaining the fairness and integrity of the games.

JustBet’s public beta is now live — .

Join their discord and read their docs to learn more:

Custom-built Liquidity Infrastructure

Camelot’s vision is to build innovative infrastructure that supports other Arbitrum builders through unique custom features:

  • Unique AMM implementation that supports volatile & stable assets with dynamic fees (custom fees per pool, as well as per buy or sell direction)
  • A custom NFT wrapper for staked positions that allows LPs to be reused for further capital efficiency gains
  • Nitro pools allow protocols to incentivize liquidity based on custom requirements permissionlessly
  • Innovative escrowed tokenomics that enable a more sustainable protocol that can capture real yield for holders

Camelot will leverage all its unique features to ensure that liquidity is deep and adaptable — tailored to what is most effective for the $WINR token. For example, Nitro pools would allow us to incentivize liquidity in a custom way, such as by only rewarding LPs that lock for a certain time and deposit over a certain amount.

In addition, we could set custom fees for $WINR pools or add even further custom requirements to Nitro pools. This high level of control will allow us to support the JustBet protocol to build an efficient rewards structure for their token liquidity. Therefore, we can enable highly efficient returns on $WINR liquidity while bootstrapping critical infrastructure that benefits the entire ecosystem.

Most importantly, by welcoming JustBet to the Round Table and building deep liquidity for their token, we hope to foster further innovation within the Arbitrum ecosystem. For example, deeper liquidity for JustBet could open up new opportunities for use in other DeFi primitives.

The quest for GRAIL

After launching two months ago, we’re proud to have set the initial foundations for Camelot to become the Arbitrum native DEX.

Before launching, we announced the formation of the Round Table with our Genesis partners: GMX, Umami, Jones, Buffer, GMD, Sperax, and Nitro Cartel. With our partner’s support, our genesis pools allowed us to bootstrap $15m TVL before even having a token live!

Following our initial partners and genesis pools, we proceeded with the fair launch of our $GRAIL token. We’re proud to have had a smooth sale, raising over $3.8m with a final valuation of $25m FDV! No VC, no presale, $GRAIL was an utterly fair opportunity for the community to purchase.

From the beginning, Camelot is designed as a custom-built protocol that prioritizes sustainable tokenomics and long-term behavior. We’re proud that our Genesis farms & fair launch sale demonstrated these commitments to the community.

Now that the foundation has been set, we’re excited to move forward at full speed. We just concluded the first community public sale from Neutra Finance, and in the coming weeks, we will see exclusive launches from Vela, Factor, and many more.

We’re excited to be the home for Arbitrum native builders, and we look forward to what we can achieve as an ecosystem that works and builders together.





Camelot is an innovative and highly flexible DEX built to support the Arbitrum ecosystem. Community driven and capital efficient.

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Camelot DEX

Camelot is an innovative and highly flexible DEX built to support the Arbitrum ecosystem. Community driven and capital efficient.