Camelot welcomes Byte Masons to the Round Table

Byte Masons are an experienced collective of builders who are well-known for their innovative suite of DeFi protocols. Many users will be familiar with their lending market — Granary Finance, and their yield aggregator — Reaper Farm. Byte Masons are already present on several different chains, but we are excited to now share that they are coming to Arbitrum, and Camelot will proudly be supporting their $OATH liquidity.

The $OATH token can now be bridged to Arbitrum through Multichain, and the farms will go live on Camelot next week!

A long-term partnership to support innovation on Arbitrum

Camelot is a custom-built protocol that aims to become the native Arbitrum DEX. By building multiple novel features from the ground up, Camelot enables higher capital efficiency and attempts to bring the real-yield approach to a DEX. Byte Masons are an experienced and innovative team of builders who will bring several novel products to Arbitrum, such as Granary Finance and Reaper Farm. Through this partnership, they are committed to seeding liquidity for the $OATH token on Camelot. In addition to incentives and emissions, Byte Masons will receive an ownership stake in the protocol. Not only will this enable deep and adaptable liquidity for the $OATH token on Arbitrum, but most importantly, it will form the foundation for a long-term relationship that will closely align our shared vision of building permissionless and decentralized protocols.

Coming to Arbitrum is a natural move for Byte Masons, and we are proud to welcome them into the ecosystem and be able to support their liquidity requirements, opening up the potential for exciting future integrations into other Byte Mason protocols too.

The Round Table comprises the key Arbitrum builders, and we are excited that this partnership will further align the ecosystem with collaborating, innovating, and building together.

Camelot as the gateway for exciting new builders on Arbitrum

As mentioned above, Byte Masons are an experienced team with several protocols already deployed across Fantom, Optimism, and more. Reaper Farm and Granary represent the main core products live that will first migrate to Arbitrum, but they will also be planning the deployment of their stablecoin — Ethos, Reliquary, and other products.

The Byte Masons team is working on an exciting upgrade for Granary v2, which will provide Arbitrum users with a new lending market opportunity, whilst Reaper will allow Arb users to build further yield strategies. Reliquary is a smart contract system that allows for a more efficient distribution of incentives. It will also be deployed on Arbitrum alongside ETHOS — Byte’s top-secret new stablecoin protocol.

As already proven, Byte Masons are a team committed to secure and well-built protocols, and their current product offering will already bring significant utility to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Their future protocols will continue to push innovation in the DeFi space, and we are proud to support them through this partnership.

Camelot’s vision is to build innovative infrastructure that supports other Arbitrum builders through unique custom features:

  • Unique AMM implementation that supports volatile & stable assets with dynamic fees (custom fees per pool, as well as per buy or sell direction)
  • A custom NFT wrapper for staked positions that allows LPs to be reused for further capital efficiency gains
  • Nitro pools allow protocols to permissionlessly incentivize liquidity based on custom requirements
  • Innovative escrowed tokenomics that enable a more sustainable protocol that can capture real yield for holders

Camelot will leverage all its unique features to ensure that liquidity is deep and adaptable — tailored to what the Byte Mason team wants to achieve. For example, Nitro pools would allow Byte Masons to incentivize liquidity in a custom way, such as by only rewarding LPs that lock for a certain time and deposit over a certain amount.

In addition, we could set custom fees for $OATH pools or add even further custom requirements to Nitro pools. This high level of control will allow Byte Masons to have an efficient rewards structure for their token liquidity. Therefore, Byte Masons will achieve highly efficient returns on their liquidity while also bootstrapping critical infrastructure that benefits the entire ecosystem.

Most importantly, this partnership will form the foundation for a long-term relationship that could lead to even further collaboration. For example, Camelot is committed to building a custom liquidity infrastructure that could enable unique integrations within Reaper, Granary, and other future Byte Mason protocols. The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to support one of the newest members of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Next Steps for Byte Masons on Arbitrum

Before any protocol deployments, the $OATH token will be bridged from Fantom to Arbitrum via Multichain. Users will then be able to farm and earn yield through LPing $OATH on Camelot.

The bridge for $OATH will soon be live, and the first farm will open next week. In the following days a Nitro pool will be created for even further rewards.

In the meantime, follow Byte Masons and Camelot for further announcements and exact timings!





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