Camelot DEX: Open Beta V2 update

Camelot DEX
3 min readOct 25, 2022


After successfully launching our open beta to the community, we are now releasing a second upgrade to introduce several new UI features and backend improvements.

The purpose of releasing the open beta before going live was to ensure the stability and security of the protocol, but also most importantly to get community feedback on the UI/UX and to understand how our users would interact with specific features.

As our commitment to creating a truly community-driven protocol, we listened to the suggestions and made changes that we feel would improve the overall user experience.

Firstly, one of the most important user journeys is going from providing liquidity, to creating a staked position (spNFTs), and then depositing the position into a Nitro pool.
We are aware most users are familiar with standard DEXs like Sushiswap, so it was important to use that even when implementing complex features like spNFTs we could ensure it was easy to understand for a user.
With that in mind, we updated the “create position” flow so that it is now much more intuitive for a user to stake their LP once it is created — instead of being a separate additional sequence, it is now all included with the main “my positions” page.

On top of this, one of the biggest items we wanted to make more understandable for new users was the interaction and flow between staked positions and Nitro pools.
We wanted to make it even more obvious to a user that when they were depositing into a Nitro pool they would be earning additional yield on top of any existing farming rewards.
To ensure this was reflected on the UI, we tweaked the overall layout of Nitro pool details page so that users would see clearly what compatible positions they have, and also to better see the new total yield that includes both farming rewards + Nitro pool rewards.
Before, when users had a position deposited into a Nitro pool, the spNFT would no longer show up under the positions page. We amended this, so that it is clear that a user has the spNFT but that it is locked in a Nitro pool — clearly labelled by our new Nitro icon.

One of the latest details that you will see across the site is our new ‘Nitro pool’ icons — the blue flames.
These ‘Nitro pools’ are small additions, but are important to ensure that a user can visually associate the symbol with Nitro rewards.
This will allow users to more quickly see what pools are deposited into Nitro pools, with the bonus Nitro APY also now being shown in blue text too.
When a user clicks onto a Nitro pool position, they will additionally see the Nitro specific functions clearly highlighted in the blue text, to clearly differentiate between just a staked position and one that is in a Nitro pool.


  • General UI revamp to make it more compact
  • Highlighted additional user data to have a better overview of holdings/earnings
  • The general positions/spNFT flow has been reworked
  • Nitro information is now more easily identifiable
  • Nitro can now handle double rewards
  • Nitro can now have a description
  • An AMM price impact issue that occasionally blocked swaps has been fixed
  • +Various minor UI fixes

Note: all contracts have been redeployed to a fresh instance, meaning that all of your previous positions/nitro/etc… are not available anymore on the app.

This new version is already available on



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