Camelot announces Nitro Cartel as a key launch partner

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3 min readNov 8, 2022

To form an alliance that will bootstrap growth and liquidity for the Arbitrum ecosystem, Camelot is proud to announce Nitro Cartel as one of the first launch partners.

A long-term partnership to fuel growth on Arbitrum

Camelot is a custom-built protocol that aims to become the native Arbitrum DEX. By building multiple novel features from the ground-up, Camelot enables higher capital efficiency and attempts to bring the real-yield approach to a DEX. Through this partnership, Nitro Cartel is committed to providing liquidity for key assets on Camelot, whilst additionally receiving an ownership stake in the protocol. Not only will this provide deep and adaptable liquidity for the ecosystem, but it most importantly forms the foundation for a long-term relationship that will lead to even further innovation and growth for Arbitrum.

Nitro Cartel is an Arbitrum-native project that aims to improve chain-level governance structures and fix the incentive misalignment issue of chains, project founders, users, and investors. Nitro Cartel’s ultimate goal is to push the Arbitrum ecosystem forward by bootstrapping TVL, allocating capital, and leveraging novel governance mechanisms.

Camelot’s vision is to build innovative infrastructure that supports other Arbitrum builders, and to achieve this we have custom features that don’t exist anywhere else:

  • Unique AMM implementation that supports volatile & stable assets with dynamic fees (custom fees per pool, as well as per buy or sell direction)
  • A custom NFT wrapper for staked positions that allows LPs to be reused for further capital efficiency gains
  • Nitro pools to allow protocols to permissionlessly incentivise liquidity based on custom requirements
  • Innovative escrowed tokenomics that enable a more sustainable protocol that can capture real yield for holders

Therefore, Nitro Cartel will be achieving highly efficient returns on their liquidity whilst also bootstrapping important infrastructure that benefits the entire ecosystem. For example, in the future Camelot could support the launch of the $NITRO token, leveraging all of our unique features to ensure that liquidity is deep and adaptable. Nitro pools would allow Nitro Cartel to incentivise liquidity in a purely custom way, such as by only rewarding LPs that lock for >3 months and deposit over a certain amount. We could take this a step further too, by making holding a Nitro passport a requirement for the Nitro rewards.

The upcoming launches for both Camelot and Nitro Cartel

Nitro Cartel will be holding a sale for their Passport NFTs this week, with the whitelist mint starting on the 11th and the launch phase starting on the 12th November.

For more information follow Nitro Cartel’s social pages —, and read their docs here —

Camelot will also soon be launching, with our previous estimates indicating this to begin mid-Nov. The launch sequence will start with our genesis farms, which will bootstrap liquidity and allow users to enter farms before the $GRAIL public sale. Within the coming days we will confirm the final dates and details for the genesis farms, public sale, and the full launch of Camelot protocol. Stay posted -

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