Camelot announces GMD as a key launch partner

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3 min readNov 19, 2022


To form a partnership that will achieve deeper and more efficient liquidity, Camelot is proud to announce GMD as a key launch partner.

A long-term partnership for Arbitrum

Camelot is a custom-built protocol that aims to become the native Arbitrum DEX. By building multiple novel features from the ground up, Camelot enables higher capital efficiency and attempts to bring the real-yield approach to a DEX. GMD is committed to providing liquidity for the $GMD token on Camelot through this partnership.

In addition to incentives and emissions, they will also receive an ownership stake in the protocol. Not only will this provide deep and adaptable liquidity for the $GMD token, but most importantly, it forms the foundation for a long-term relationship that will closely align GMD and Camelot’s shared vision of growing the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Tailored liquidity strategies for Arbitrum native protocols

GMD Protocol is a yield optimizing and aggregating platform built on top of existing applications and GMD’s reserve token on Arbitrum. GMD employs delta-neutral or pseudo-delta-neutral strategies to aggregate yields from an index pool or an LP to its constituent individual assets, eliminating their risks of impermanent loss or exposure to unwanted assets.

GMD is one of the key native Arbitrum protocols, and we are therefore excited to have the opportunity to support their liquidity and any other future bespoke liquidity requirements. GMD represents the reasons that make Arbitrum so fundamentally strong; this partnership will allow the broader ecosystem to see further innovation and collaboration.

Camelot’s vision is to build innovative infrastructure that supports other Arbitrum builders and to achieve this, we have custom features that don’t exist anywhere else:

  • Unique AMM implementation that supports volatile & stable assets with dynamic fees (custom fees per pool, as well as per buy or sell direction)
  • A custom NFT wrapper for staked positions that allows LPs to be reused for further capital efficiency gains
  • Nitro pools allow protocols to permissionlessly incentivize liquidity based on custom requirements
  • Innovative escrowed tokenomics that enable a more sustainable protocol that can capture real yield for holders

Camelot will leverage all its unique features to ensure that liquidity is deep and adaptable — tailored to what the GMD team wants to achieve. For example, Nitro pools would allow GMD to incentivize liquidity in a custom way, such as by only rewarding LPs that lock for a certain and deposit over a certain amount. In addition, we could set custom fees for $GMD pools or add even further custom requirements to Nitro pools. This high level of control will allow GMD to have an efficient rewards structure for their token liquidity. Therefore, GMD will achieve highly efficient returns on their liquidity while also bootstrapping critical infrastructure that benefits the entire ecosystem.

Camelot’s upcoming launch

As mentioned in our more detailed launch schedule post, Camelot’s launch sequence will begin on 22nd November — when the genesis pools go live. Users will therefore be able to participate in the GMD pools from this date, earning attractive yield farming rewards before the Camelot protocol is fully live.

The overall sequence will be as follows:

Nov 22nd: Genesis pools are published and open to deposits
Nov 23rd: Genesis pools rewards start being allocated
Nov 29th: Public sale start
Dec 2nd: Genesis pools are closed to deposits
Dec 5th: Public sale end
Dec 6th: Token launch and farms open
Dec 7th: Farming rewards start

Please read this post for more details, and follow our main social pages to receive the latest updates and announcements.

The quest for GRAIL will soon begin.





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