Boosted rewards — 255,000 UST incentives are going live!

We are ready for the next stage of our quest to decentralize finance and money itself. With upcoming pushes from Terra community to further expand UST presence on the chain, Excalibur is well on its way to becoming a focal point of the ecosystem.

After extensive tests we are happy to announce that 255,000 UST incentives are ready to be distributed through Excalibur. Rewards will begin on April 8th, 12pm UTC.

We wanted to bring some clarity in order to make sure that everyone understands how Excalibur boosted rewards will work. We have outlined in this page all the necessary information regarding participation and everything in between.

Distribution sessions

The 255,000 UST boosted rewards will be allocated over a 3 month period (three 1-month rounds of 85,000 UST each) to Excalibur UST stakers only.

The allocation between stakers for the first 1-month period will be as follows:

A fresh 30-day lock into one of those pools will be mandatory to earn a share of the boosted rewards.

How to start earning boosted rewards?

  • Lock a deposit into an eligible farm for at least 30 days. The deposit must be made after the start of the boosted rewards session (April 8th, 12pm UTC), else it won’t be eligible.
  • In case you already have a locked deposit with the required lock duration, you can simply renew its lock to make it eligible.
  • Your displayed eligible deposit will show a “not synced” indicator, and the button “Synchronized” will become available. Click it and confirm the transaction: you should now have a “synced” mention, and both your eligible deposit and synced deposit should display the same values.
  • You will now earn UST rewards during the whole 30 days period, that you can harvest any time you want.

If you need additional information about Excalibur boosts system, a comprehensive documentation regarding the whole process is already available here.

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