Announcing the dates for Camelot’s launch

Camelot DEX
3 min readNov 15, 2022


After a successful open beta and concluding our audits, we are ready to embark on the next phase for Camelot.

The launch sequence will start with our Genesis farms, allowing Camelot to bootstrap initial liquidity while offering attractive yield opportunities for core assets and partner LPs.

Following the genesis farms, we will proceed with our fair launch public sale for the $GRAIL token. Camelot has not had a presale or VC investors, so our launch sequence presents a transparent and fair opportunity to become an early supporter.


Nov 22nd: Genesis pools are published and open to deposits
Nov 23rd: Genesis pools rewards start being allocated to depositors
Nov 29th: Public sale start
Dec 2nd: Genesis pools are closed to deposits
Dec 5th: Public sale end
Dec 6th: Token launch and farms open
Dec 7th: Farming rewards start; genesis pools rewards can be harvested

Genesis farms

The Genesis farms will go live on Nov 22nd, and deposits will remain open until Dec 2nd — after this point, deposits are no longer possible. Rewards for the genesis farms will begin as soon as the public sale has concluded and will be linearly distributed for six months.

We’ve allocated 5% of the total GRAIL supply for the genesis pool rewards. Once live, there will be an APY calculator on the frontend that will allow users to estimate their expected returns. The genesis farms are designed to bootstrap the initial liquidity for Camelot before our token is live and provide the community with an early and attractive opportunity to accumulate xGRAIL.

The genesis farms are based on our existing Nitro pool reward structure. Most importantly, once standard liquidity mining emissions go live after the public sale, genesis depositors will be earning both the farming rewards PLUS the genesis farm rewards, as well as any additional bonus from locking their LPs.

To summarize, the genesis farm yields will be ADDITIONAL rewards on top of any base liquidity mining rewards we provide to the pools. This therefore enables a significant yield earning opportunity for early users.

Public Sale

The public sale will begin on Nov 29th and last until Dec 5th, with $GRAIL liquidity going live within 24hrs of the sale ending.

Camelot has been designed to be a community-driven protocol, and therefore a significant factor in achieving that is the launch of the $GRAIL token. As a team, we have remained committed to building the best product possible before seeking funding, and therefore we are proud to confirm that there has been NO PRESALE or VC investment.

With this in mind, the public sale for $GRAIL provides a significantly transparent and fair opportunity for the community, investors, and partners, to purchase GRAIL.

We have designed and built the auction mechanism ourselves so that the public sale will take place on the Camelot platform. Initially, the auction will start with an FDV of $2m, increasing after the first $300k has been raised.

Everyone who participates in the auction will therefore receive the same price, decided by the ending valuation of the auction. 50% of the funds raised from the sale will be placed to seed long-term PoL for GRAIL, allowing us to ensure deep liquidity from launch. 30% will be allocated to xGRAIL dividends, providing healthy and sustainable yields for our long-term token holders before protocol revenue kicks in. Lastly, 20% will be used to support the team — as mentioned, Camelot has been entirely self-funded so far, and therefore as a core team, we have paid for all development, audits, etc., out of pocket.

Pro tip: the earliest genesis farmers and public sale participants could be eligible for further exclusive rewards…

Through the design of our launch sequence, we are confident that Camelot will be set up for long-term success. Recent market events have emphasized the importance of permissionless and decentralized infrastructure. As a team, we are fully committed to ensuring that Camelot provides the necessary tools to support Arbitrum and the broader ecosystem.




Camelot DEX

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